Corduas/Cusano/Di Natale/Maggiore: Crescendo

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Publisher: Carisch
Author: Corduas, Cusano
Format: Books | Theory
Crescendo is a theoretical and practical method for all who wish to approach the study of music. The work is in three volumes, each of which is simultaneously theoretical and practical. Featuring written exercises and rhythmic and melodic concepts, the method is a simple and progressive way to acquire the basics of musical education.

The objectives of the method of Crescendo are to promote a general culture of learning through a practical and theoretical base, to provide an approach to sounds and singing, and understanding of rhythm to encourage playing in a group and solo, to prepare students for examinations at conservatories and music institutes.
ISBN: 9788850712496
Published on: 24 March 2015
No of pages: 242
Language: Italian
Catalogue No: MK17127

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