Trevor James: Performer Cantabile Flute With Grenadilla Lip Plate

Instruments | Flute

Publisher: Trevor James & Co
Format: Instruments | Instrument
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.

An ideal ‘Step-up’ model for the established Flute player who wishes to add a precious metal element to their instrument, the Trevor James: Performer Cantabile Flute features a 925 silver headjoint and silver-plated body with a silver-plated French style pointed key arm mechanism.

This model comes complete with a Grenadilla wooden lip plate. Other features include:

  • 925 silver headjoint with advanced design
  • Hand over-cutting and undercutting of the embouchure hole
  • Pointed key arm mechanism
  • Solid heavy weighted headjoint crown
  • 9k riser and lip and riser
  • Grenadilla wooden lip plate
  • Triple-plated finish
  • Hidden adjusting screws
  • Available with or without E mechanism
  • Open or closed hole key mechanism option
  • Inline or offset G mechanism option
  • C or B footjoint option
  • French style wooden case
  • Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap
  • Wooden cleaning rod
  • White internal cleaning cloth
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Owner Guide
  • Hand set-up and finished in UK technical workshops

Watch a demonstration of the Trevor James: Performer Cantabile Flute:

Published on: 17 January 2014
Catalogue No: TJ31CFEWL