DA-2: Adaptive Distortion Guitar Pedal

| Electric Guitar

Publisher: Roland
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.

Compact distortion pedal that adapts to how, and where, you play.

With standard distortion pedals, the entire signal gets processed with one effect, which can result in a muffled, indistinct sound.

The Boss DA-2 compact pedal gives you perfect distortion tones across the entire range of your Guitar with unrivaled clarity, using a new technology called Multi-Dimensional Processing.

  • Distortion that adapts to create the ideal sound in every register
  • Next-generation BOSS compact pedal with innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing, using proprietary technology and custom DSP
  • Highly responsive to volume changes and playing dynamics
  • High-clarity sound, even when playing two or more notes at the same time
  • Very low noise, even with high-gain settings
  • Intuitive operation similar to standard distortion pedals
Published on: 30 April 2013
Catalogue No: DA2

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