LT DUAL Guitar Pedal

| Guitar

Publisher: Blackstar
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.

The LT DUAL Guitar Pedal from Blackstar offers up the ability for Guitar distortion control and flexibility. Channel 1 lets you move from clean to boost to overdrive, channel 2 then takes you from super crunch to screaming lead and the unique switching operation will transform a single channel amp into a three channel tone machine.

LT DUAL Guitar Pedal Overview.

  • Patent-Applied-For clipping circuit that matches the tone and response of our valve pedals.
  • 2 Gain and Level equipped channels.
  • Shared Tone and patented ISF control.
  • Clean boost to high gain drive in a single pedal.
  • Small form-factor - great for pedalboards.
  • Rugged construction.
Published on: 15 September 2013
Catalogue No: LTDUAL

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        LT DUAL Guitar Pedal