OCR AS Music Study Guide - 5th Edition


Catalogue No: RHG208
Format: Books | Reference

The OCR AS Music Study Guide - 5th Edition can be used throughout your OCR AS Music course to reinforce your school work. It has been carefully written by experienced examiners and teachers to match the requirements of the specification for exams from June 2014 to June 2015.

The OCR AS Music Study Guide includes:

  • Sensible advice on performing that will help you to prepare successfully and achieve your best on the day, both in the recital and the discussion
  • In-depth guidance on composing that covers both Section A (Western tonal harmony) and Section B (Instrumental techniques)
  • Detailed information on the orchestral and jazz set works, providing background context and a comprehensive analysis of each one
  • 40 exercises presented throughout the book that will help you to test your knowledge
  • Annotated music examples to aid explanations of concepts encountered in the music
ISBN: 9781783052226
Published on: 06 November 2013
Language: English
Publisher: Rhinegold Education

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