Set In Stone - Ian Tilton's Stone Roses Photographs


Publisher: Omnibus Press
Artist: The Stone Roses
Author: Ian Tilton
Format: Books | Biography
Ian Tilton was within the inner circle of The Stone Roses before they were famous and shot every key moment during the band’s meteoric rise to fame in the late Eighties.

He photographed their first TV appearance, the Roses' three famous early gigs at Blackpool Tower, Glasgow Green and Spike Island, his photos appeared on their classic first album, he was the first photographer to do a Jackson Pollock shoot with the band and Ian is the man who first got Ian Brown to pull his famous monkey face! A veritable treasure trove of images for fans of the pioneering Madchester band, giving a real in-depth look into the people behind the sound. 

Their debut album has gone down in history as one of the finest albums ever recorded by a British band, and their sound spawned a number of acts who drew direct inspiration from Ian Brown and co. Organised into chapters featuring large and high-quality photographs alongside Ian Tilton's remarkable insight into his method, his close relationship with the band and what it was like to shoot one of the most interesting bands of the era. This Stone Roses photography book would make a great gift or addition to the bookshelf of a major fan, of which there are so many.

Perhaps it's the story of the band that contributes to the mythos surrounding them. Their commercially and critically disappointing second album, their unorthodox approach to media relations or their recent reunion announcement all serve to create an atmosphere of intrigue which this collection of photographs can help to illuminate. Having been influences by the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Smiths and many more, this comes through not just in their music but in the style of their photography. Their debut album's artwork is now iconic, and the rest of this book is filled with similar images that will let you relive those glory days.

For fans of The Stone Roses, Ian Tilton's Photographs is an absolutely essential purchase. It's got intimate photographs, insider insight and fascinating information on one of the biggest and best British bands of the past half century.
ISBN: 9781780385396
Published on: 03 June 2013
No of pages: 192
Language: English
Catalogue No: VO10549

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