Steppin' Razor - The Life Of Peter Tosh


Publisher: Omnibus Press
Artist: Peter Tosh
Format: Books | Biography
ISBN: 9781847728364
Published on: 01 May 2013
No of pages: 496
Language: English
Catalogue No: OP52899

    Musicroom Reviews

    "Fascinating, detailed, tragic yet uplifting, the book gives an in depth background to Tosh's music. His renowned fiery nature is fully detailed but also the other sides of his complex personality, showing a kind man with a keen sense of humour and a love of pets! I would thoroughly recommend this long overdue biography on Peter Tosh." - Amazon reviewer
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    "Definitive biography of the great legendary Peter Tosh: This book helped me discover the music of Peter Tosh again after more than 20 years of listening to reggae. If like me you find famous Timothy White's biography of Bob Marley "Catch a Fire" annoying with its chaotic and long-winded writing style, you will probably love John Masouri's book as it is complete opposite. It is well written and organized, accurate and detailed but without irrelevant background information or poetic fillers. Instead the book concentrates on Peter Tosh and his music. It goes chronologically through all the years of his life and is full of interviews and anecdotes. The author does a great job of presenting Peter's complex character objectively and thoroughly not shying away from dark side of his personality. This makes this book a riveting read contrary to many hagiographic biographies of Bob Marley. All in all, the book is a fascinating life story of the man "wanted by the evil forces" who didn't just talk but "walked the way and paid the consequences". I strongly recommend it to reggae fans or to anyone interested in good biography." - Amazon review. edplusk76
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    "The riveting tale of Jamaica's original firebrand... engaging biography..." MOJO magazine, David Katz
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    "Top 10 Reasons to Buy This Book: Tosh fans have been waiting patiently for years for this book to be published. Our wait has been more than well worth it. What we now have is the definitive biography of the late great legendary Peter Tosh. 1. It's the absolute best and most in-depth biography ever written on Peter Tosh. 2. John Masouri is an extremely talented writer whose work shines through on this subject. His writing style presents all sides of Peter Tosh to give the reader a true sense of who Peter was. 3. Peter is a legendary musical genius who is more than deserved of a tome such as this. 4. No matter how much you currently know about Peter Tosh, there's no doubt you will learn new things from this book. 5. You learn details from the night of Peter's assassination that are probably new to you. 6. You get an understanding of Peter's band changes throughout the years and how his touring worked. 7. You will learn about Peter's recording and songwriting techniques and how each album came about." - Amazon review: Roots.
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