Look Wot I Dun: Don Powell - My Life In Slade


Publisher: Omnibus Press
Artist: Don Powell
Format: Books | Biography

Look Wot I Dun: Don Powell - My Life In Slade is the story of Slade’s powerhouse drummer Don Powell whose life was shattered by a horrific car crash at the height of the glam rock group’s fame.

Slade’s fame made Don Powell a star, but after a serious crash in 1973, even the most casual fan knew more about him than he could remember himself. Lucky to survive, the accident lead to alcoholism, financial woes and a life of reckless promiscuity. Powell did, however, return to being the rhythmic powerhouse behind Slade's catchy anthems until their split in 1991, before he moved on to other fascinating projects.

Don Powell’s friend, the Danish author Lise Lyng Falkenberg, has pieced together his fragmented life through interviews with the man himself, extracts from the famous diaries and insights from friends and colleagues like Gene Simmons, Francis Rossi, Andy Scott and Suzi Quatro to compile this in-depth and detailed insight into the man and the legend.

Now sober, happily married and living in Denmark, Don Powell has survived his rise to the pinnacle of rock fame and fall to the depths of grief and amnesia. His intensely personal story is a unique document of his struggle to rediscover himself and rebuild his life after his stellar celebrity status suddenly turned into tragic loss and despair.

Fans of Slade and hard rock in general will be continually intrigued and fascinated by the story of a musician's tragic accident, and his journey to rebuild his life. Plagued by amnesia, Don Powell has praised author Lise Falkenberg for piecing his diaries together into a coherent narrative whose twists and turns are fitting for a life dominated by rises and falls.

ISBN: 9781783050406
Published on: 25 September 2013
Language: English
Catalogue No: OP55297