Stephen Bennett Live!

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Author: Stephen Bennett
Series: Mel Bay Records
Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance

Given the number of skilled luthiers and guitarists in evidence today, the current era has come to be known as “The Golden Age of the Acoustic Guitar”. Among numerous richly talented players, flatpicking/fingerstyle Acoustic and Harp guitarist Stephen Bennett stands out as both a supreme melodist and groove master. That said - you already have a good idea of the contents of this DVD.

It’s a rare artist who is capable of recording 29 tunes in a single day, but with the tenacity, perfectionism, and phenomenal musicality known to his fans worldwide, that is exactly what Stephen did in creating this DVD. In fact, most of these tracks were completed to perfection in one take. Add the notion of performing on three distinctly different instruments- a Morris 6-string acoustic, a 1930 National Steel, and a modern Merrill Brothers copy of a vintage Dyer Harp Guitar- and you have not only a Herculean musical feat, but a unique listening and viewing experience.

Stephen’s live Mel Bay DVD performance is one you’ll watch again and again.

Published on: 18 April 2006
Language: English
Catalogue No: MLB21268DVD

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