Weekend Warriors: The Singer's Songbook (Volume 1 Male Singers)

Books and CDs | Low Voice

Publisher: Music Minus One
Format: Audio / Video | Backing Tracks
There are millions of singers who don't make their living singing. Many of these people have an unbridled passion for music and performing – they just happen to do something else – but they are really musicians at their core. When the weekend rolls around, it is incredible how many of these teachers, doctors, lawyers, civil servants, mic up and launch into their favourite songs in a venue near you. We call those musicians weekend warriors.

The goal here is to give the weekend warrior the repertoire to be able to sit in with most any band, to handle common requests, and to ultimately start creating their own set lists. This series is a wonderful tool to help facilitate that, whether you are a teenager wanting to figure out how to make some gas money on weekends, to a working band that wants to actually capture the essence of the original hits, Weekend Warriors Set List is for you. For the individual musician, this helps make you marketable and useful. For an entire band, this becomes a perfect rehearsal tool to put the whole band on the same page.
ISBN: 9781596158597
Published on: 23 May 2013
No of pages: 28
Language: English
Catalogue No: MMO7181