Marianne Faithfull: As Years Go By


Publisher: Omnibus Press
Author: Mark Hodkinson
Format: Books | Biography
As Years Go By is a richly detailed portrait of Marianne Faithfull, the woman who has lived an incredible life, one that far transcends her best known role as courtesan to the chief rolling stone.

From aristocratic lineage to convent school, stardom to attempted suicide, junkie to punk, folk singer to torch chanteuse, Marianne Faithfull has seen her life flash by in banner headlines.

Researched through over 50 interviews with her family, former lovers and friends, As Years Go By reveals the truth behind the headlines, the person behind the profile. Updated and extensively revised by one of the UK’s most acclaimed writers, it is a candid, illuminating account of an endearing yet misunderstood artist.
ISBN: 9781780388373
Published on: 25 April 2013
No of pages: 376
Language: English
Catalogue No: OP55044

    Musicroom Reviews

    This book is an insightful look into the life and work of Marianne Faithfull. Definitely a misunderstood woman, I felt this title explored her integrity and artistic work and cast her aside from 'that' Rolling Stones news story following the drugs bust at Keith Richard's house in the 60s, which ultimately led to the tragic defamation of her character in the media for decades to follow.
    Anonymous - ()
    I came to the book knowing only that Marianne Faithfull had made a few chirpy records in the 60s, had been Mick Jagger's girlfriend. The book soon takes off into the sleazy world of the so called beautiful people that populated the flower power decade. Marianne's fall from grace was swift and the shocking revelations roll off the pages with alarming speed. The book is a roller coaster of tragic events, one of which hints that she was somehow involved with the death of Jim Morrison, (her boyfriend at the time was said to have delivered the drugs to Morrison which killed him). Fortunately she recovered sufficiently to record the landmark album Broken English which remains head and shoulders above any of the output of her female contemporaries. The book is a work of true dedication, the story of a woman who fell into an abyss but has somehow survived to claim awards for her work. After reading this book, I believe she deserves all the acclaim she now receives. Noz Easterbrook, a new found fan.
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