Ernest N. Doring: The Guadagnini Family Of Violin Makers

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Publisher: Dover Publications
Format: Books | Instrumental Reference
Along with the instruments of Stradivari and del Gesù, the violins of Giovanni Battista Guadagnini have long been favoured by professional musicians for their responsiveness, tonal quality, and projection. Originally published in 1949 in a very limited edition, this study remains the most comprehensive account of G. B. Guadagnini's work and the legacy carried on by his descendants.

Author Ernest N. Doring conducted painstaking research into eighteenth-century documentation of Guadagnini's itinerant life. He traces the craftsman's progress from Piacenza, Milan, Cremona, and Parma to Turin, where Guadagnini created his most prized stringed instruments. A catalogue of the family's masterpieces is organized by city and provides a detailed provenance for each instrument. A new Introduction by Stewart Pollens, a leading authority on musical instruments, offers historical perspectives. Widely available for the first time in an affordable edition, this rare and authoritative work provides violinists, musicologists, and music history enthusiasts with a fascinating resource.

Reprint of the William Lewis & Son, Chicago, 1949 edition.
ISBN: 9780486497969
Published on: 14 January 2013
No of pages: 336
Language: English
Catalogue No: 0486497968