Heinrich Gebhard: The Art of Pedaling - A Manual For The Use Of The Piano Pedals

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Publisher: Dover Publications
Format: Books | Instrumental Reference
Fine piano playing requires many essentials, including tone, technique, rhythm in all of its varieties, phrasing, dynamics — and the use of the pedals, especially the damper pedal. The artistic and tasteful use of the pedal adds to the interest and beauty of performances and forms an intrinsic part of interpretation. This classic guide explains pedaling's most important uses and assists students in developing their instincts for musical and artistic pedaling.

Anton Rubinstein called the damper pedal "the soul of the piano," yet instruction and technique on its use can be difficult to come by. This volume remedies that neglect, with numerous examples from piano literature that illustrate the effects of pedaling. Its author, Henrich Gebhard, was an acclaimed twentieth-century composer, teacher, and virtuoso pianist. His students included Leonard Bernstein, who provides an Introduction with warm reminiscences of his instructor and mentor.

Reprint of the Franco Colombo, Inc., New York, 1963 edition.
ISBN: 9780486488271
Published on: 14 January 2013
No of pages: 64
Language: English
Catalogue No: 0486488276

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