Andrea Hoyer: Im Musikinstrumentenmuseum - Bilderbuch


Publisher: Schott Music
Author: Andrea Hoyer
Format: Books | Storybook
Little Paul visits a museum of musical instruments with his schoolmates. In the museum, one can see instruments from all over the world – very old ones, but also modern ones. Apart from well-known instruments, there are of course many other fascinating things to discover: sonorous stones from Northern Togo, a bone flute, the snake-shaped serpent, a walking-stick violin, an armadillo guitar, a giraffe piano and many more. This picture book continues the successful series of books by Andrea Hoyer. As in her previous books 'In der Musikschule', 'In der Oper' and 'Im Konzert', the story is told by Little Paul. In an entertaining way, the children learn a lot about known and historical instruments and get fascinating information on exotic instruments from faraway countries.As in Andrea Hoyer's other books, the main focus again is on the charming detail drawings which stimulate the reader's imagination and will be enjoyable not only to children. Included in the list of recommended educationally worthy picture books 2004 of the German Gesellschaft für Jugend- und Sozialforschung GJSF [Society for Youth and Social Research].
ISBN: 9783795704704
No of pages: 28
Language: German
Catalogue No: ED9528