Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography (2013 Edition)


Catalogue No: OP54318
Format: Books | Biography

If Mick Jagger is the public face of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has always been the band’s heart, soul and musical powerhouse.

In 1992 Victor Bockris’ celebrated biography was the first to recognise Richards’ pivotal role in the Stones legend. Now, with the 50th Anniversary of the Rolling Stones and Richards 70th birthday approaching, the book has been fully updated by the author for a second time, incorporating the perspective of two more decades in this epic story of rock’s most incredible survivor.

Inside, you'll find the facts behind:

  • Richards’ battles with his demons: the women, the drugs and the love-hate-relationship with Mick Jagger
  • His struggle with heroin and his status as the rock star most likely to die in the 1970s
  • His scarcely believable rebirth as a family man in the 1980s
  • How Keith’s brutally honest biography, Life, proved that behind the rebel exterior was a literate, thoughtful man of considerable intelligence, and an accomplished scholar of the blues

Keith Richards: The Unauthorised Biography is the story of pain and excess with a multiple star cast list featuring everyone from Marlon Brando and Tom Waits to Gram Parsons and Chuck Berry.

It traces Richards’ life from his poverty stricken roots in post-war England to his ultimate triumph on the many Stones world tours.

Victor Bockris, poet, interviewer and non-fiction prose writer, has spent 32 years writing about the cultural heroes of the 20th century. He is the author of major biographies of Patti Smith, John Cale, Lou Reed and many others, including this, the Biography Of Keith Richards, bringing an artist's insight to one of the great musicians of our times.

ISBN: 9781780381589
Published on: 15 January 2013
Language: English
Publisher: Omnibus Press

      Musicroom Reviews

      "Everything you'd want to know bout Keif Baby." Saint Amy.
      Anonymous - ()
      "The inside dope on the Stones’ soul survivor. The legendary drug habit; the famously combative partnership with Mick Jagger; the incredible knack for coming back from the brink... It would be difficult to pen a less than eventful Keith career overview. Previous Bockris books on Patti Smith, Lou Reed and John Cale have shown an affinity with the dark side but the author’s high regard for Keith as a surprisingly moral family man and artist is what shines through here, particularly in the 10,000 words added to this new edition, covering Keith’s years as a rockin’ elder statesman. The use of well worn sources and the failure to unearth any exclusive stories or insights prevents the book achieving classic status, but a more fulsome Keith primer would be hard to find." - Gavin Martin, 9 star review, Classic Rock magazine
      Anonymous - ()
      "Richards and Bockris are definitely as good as it gets." Julie Burchill, review in The Spectator.
      Anonymous - ()
      "I "borrowed" this book off the display shelves at R&B when I worked there. It has taken me this long to crack the cover. Thank God I did. What a read. During the '75 US tour Keith was lucky to get a visa to come into the country because he was in the thick of his heroin addiction. He was pulled aside by FBI agents and thought they were just going to arrest him. Instead, they had an interesting proposition. In order to prevent any unwanted, negative publicity to tour sponsors they offered to provide Keith with pharmaceutical grade drugs. It's good to be Keef! There are also some great accounts of him falling over on stage and continuing to play as well as one time he got pissed at Ron Wood (for being a drugged out mess?!?) and he punched him out on stage. He just gets more interesting the more I read about him. There's also enough history to contrast the world they came from and just how they became the world's greatest rock and roll band." Felicia Holz
      Anonymous - ()
      "achieves the virtually impossible by documenting, day-by-day, the pleasure-in-pain bizarre existence of this working-class man who's somehow survived the self-abuse that should've killed him" Rock n Reel magazine, UK June 2013 issue. Nick Toczek
      Anonymous - ()