Tony Bacon: The Ultimate Guitar Sourcebook (Hardback)


Author: Tony Bacon
Format: Books | Instrumental Reference
A stunning visual guide to the history and development of all types of guitars, packed with detailed information and profiling everything from the legendary Martin flattops to Gibson's archtop guitars and Fender's 12-string electrics. The Ultimate Guitar Sourcebook is divided into nine chapters, each telling the full story of a major type of guitar. It is subdivided geographically so the reader gets a global picture of guitar making from the United States to the Far East and from Europe to Australia. The introduction examines the development of the world's most popular instrument over the years.

The Guitar is the most popular musical instrument on the planet, and this book tells its story, from 16th century roots to the latest creations of today.

Inside is a photographic feast, featuring high-quality pictures of guitars by all the great classic makers - Gibson, Fender, Martin, and more - as well as lesser-known names and modern hits, from Koontz, Micro-Frets, and Travis Bean to PRS, Taylor, and ESP.

You'll find acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and marriages of the two; six strings, twelve strings, seven strings, and more; basses, classical guitars, archtops... and everything in between.

Every type of guitar you can imagine is here, carefully placed in context and properly explained, alongside a unique archive of memorabilia that pictures period ads, catalogue portraits, and the coolest of cool players.

If you play guitar or you're simply a fan of the music, The Ultimate Guitar Sourcebook is the one you need to make perfect sense of the long and fantastic history of our favourite instrument.
ISBN: 9781937994044
Published on: 21 February 2013
No of pages: 288
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL00109759