Rovner: 2R Dark Ligature - Tenor Saxophone

| Tenor Saxophone

Publisher: Rovner
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Rovner ligatures incorporate an old idea for creating natural sound, softly holding the reed to the mouthpiece with no pressure points, just as if the reed were tied on with string. Because there are no pressure points or rigid constraints on the reed, the reed seats evenly to the facing of the mouthpiece, thereby reducing stiffness and increasing tonal clarity. These features contribute to the playing characteristics for which Rovner Ligatures are famous; even scales, accurate intonation and excellent control.

The Rovner "Dark" ligature The original Rovner Ligature that has won acceptance worldwide for its ability to perform like a classic string ligature, but with greater convenience. Gives a big, centered tone with the ease of control and playability that only a string ligature can give. Supplied with cap.
Published on: 24 October 2005
Catalogue No: LEWROV2R

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