Fender: Modern Player Jaguar (Rosewood Fingerboard/Black Transparent)

Instruments | Electric Guitar

Publisher: Fender
Series: Modern Player
Format: Instruments | Instrument
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.
Catalogue No: FND0241300539

        Musicroom Reviews

        Nice guitar with a fantastic warm sound in both configurations: Clean and distorted tones. You can obtain with this Fender version a modern high-gain distortion and a scooped tone, but also an aim for an aggressive overdriven tone with plenty of bite, particularly for solos. From a guitarist´s perspective, punk rock in its purest form is a simple style of music. In terms of rhythm playing and harmony, most punk guitar is limited to powerchords. However this Jaguar model made in Rosewood fingerboard, gives us the opportunity to obtain chords patterns from outside the usual punk boundaries. The Fender designer talent´s show us that it is possible to improve, and in fact this Fender guitar probes it. I am glad we can play blues rock, funk, it sounds fantastic at finger picked sounds, even it performs good at samba or jazz styles. You also have the guarantee of a major designer guitar label as Fender.
        Anonymous - (Bilbao, Spain)