Sunleif Rasmussen: Andalag # 11

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Composer: Sunleif Rasmussen

Andalag #11 - Duo for Allto Flute and Basson (2011). Part of Andalag - Suite in 11 movements.

Programme note

Some years ago I was asked by the Faroese ensemble Aldubáran to compose duets for the woodwinds within the ensemble. The idea then came to me to write a Suite with the name “Andalag” in 11 movements. 8 movements are duets and are approximately 4 min. long. 2 movements are quartets and are approximately 8 min. long, and 1 movement is an octet which is approximately 16 min. long. In other words, the Suite will last approximately 60 min.  

The (octet) instrumentation is 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns and 2 bassoons.

The Faroese word “andalag” has a multilayerd meaning. The first half of the word is “anda” and means to breath or spirit, and the second half of the word “lag” means melodi, mood or layer.

I use two small ideas in this Suite. One idea is in a sort of major mood and the other in a sort of minor mood.

Sunleif Rasmussen, May 2013

ISBN: 9788759823989
Skill Level: Advanced Explain this
No of pages: 24
Length: 4
Language: English
Catalogue No: WH31443

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