Per Nørgård Prelude To Breaking (Score) Vers. 2010

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Composer: Per Norgard
Format: Sheet Music | Score
Ensemble1 Violin 11 Violin 21 Viola1 Violoncello1 Flute dbl. Alto Flute in G1 Clarinet in A dbl. Bass Clarinet in B1 HarpThe score is written in CThe above is the instrumentation of the 2010 version from 2010.This 2010 version (with Harp instead of Piano and without Percussion)was edited by harpist Tine Rehling in 2010, in collaboration withA Mezzo Soprano may (ad lib.) sing the following fragment of a text"Drunknande i dimman gryningens svindelfåglar: den glasklare drömmens punkter av glömska.""Drowning in the mist the birds of dizziness in the dawn: moments of forgetfullness in the crystal clear dream."by Gunnar Ekelöf in the Coda (bars 85 to 91):Ivan Hansen and the composer, based on the org. version from 1986.
ISBN: 9788759824474
Published on: 01 January 2010
No of pages: 20
Language: English, Danish
Catalogue No: WH31487