Rhinegold Education: How To Create A Successful Music Ensemble by Patrick Gazard


Publisher: Rhinegold Education
Author: Patrick Gazard
Format: Books | Reference

Winner: Best Print Resource 2013 (Music Teacher Awards for Excellence).

Here, for the first time, is the definitive practical guide to setting up a choral or instrumental ensemble and running it effectively.

Aimed at experienced solo musicians, it illustrates how to harness individual skills to build an exciting and creative group dynamic.  Every aspect of performing together is covered, from choosing repertoire and arranging the music to devising innovative rehearsal techniques, all leading to that successful final performance.

Both a step-by-step ‘how to’ book, and a comprehensive reference resource, How To Create a Successful Music Ensemble features the insights of several experienced musical directors and also covers topics like practicalities, publicity and conducting techniques.

With illuminating real-life case studies throughout, How To Create a Successful Music Ensemble is the ultimate guide to every practical and artistic aspect of creating and maintaining one of music’s most rewarding collaborative forms.

About the author.

Patrick Gazard has over 20 years experience in music and music education, during which he has run numerous youth and adult ensembles, with several of his groups reaching the final stages of national competitions.

Now a freelance teacher and conductor/ composer, Patrick is also an arranger for Music Sales and Banks Music Publications.

ISBN: 9781780382463
Published on: 31 August 2012
Language: English
Catalogue No: RHG403

        Musicroom Reviews

        I've been a musician, publisher, composer and educator for 30 years and this is one of the finest books of its kind that I have come across. Patrick offers you the benefit of his considerable expertise at running music ensembles of all kinds, and packs his book with loads of practical, helpful advice. This is a 'must have' item for any school music teacher or amateur Musical Director.
        Anonymous - (Beaconsfield, United Kingdom)
        You have probably come across this book because you run or are about to run a musical ensemble. And I therefore go back to my title - YOU NEED THIS BOOK. You may have been running ensembles for years and years and think you know it all - but you may have never felt confident to arrange music yourself for your ensemble. Or maybe you are new to teaching and finding yourself in front of a group of students - this book will give you everything you need to make sure that this new ensemble is successful! I work with ensembles on a daily basis and this book has challenged me to consider what I do and how I do it. It has made me arrange more music and made me feel more confident about doing so. It has also given me a resource to turn to if I need encouragement - this is provided by excellent case studies of people that have found success in so many different places. This book is practical, helpful, informative and highly interesting. I would challenge any music teacher or ensemble leader to read this book and find nothing of use. We can all learn something. I strongly believe that if you are a music teacher you need to get a copy of this and make sure everyone in your department reads it. And take the advice on board. Every rehearsal you run will be changed by this book. So buy this book, read this book and change your ensembles or start a new one. I am so glad that this book is available and I know that I will be returning to it time and time again for advice and hints for how to do my job as a musical leader better! And for the price it is a real bargain - especially considering the instant impact it will have on your work!
        Anonymous - (Windsor, United Kingdom)
        This is a fantastic book for anyone who is looking to run an ensemble: full of common sense, and some things you wouldn't necessarily think about when starting up an ensemble. I can think of many people who would benefit from reading this book! It guides the reader through starting up an ensemble all the way up to the final rehearsals before a concert and how to do personal reviewing post-concert. I found the part about arranging particularly useful as I have never tried arranging before. It has inspired me to give it a go! This book talks us through writing and arranging music for any instrumental or stylistic setting. It also explains that it is acceptable to modify music to cater for the needs of your ensemble! Overall, if you want to start up an ensemble, you need to read this! It will give you everything you need to know about starting up, rehearsal techniques, how to keep interest going, arranging and much, much more.
        Anonymous - ()
        Easy to read, very informative, with useful links to a companion website for further explanations. Confirmed I'm heading in the right direction, plus excellent guidance on keeping a group going both musically and on a practical level - just as the title says!
        Anonymous - (Chipping Sodbury, United Kingdom)
        What an excellent guide to building and managing a musical ensemble. Full of practical examples and a "must" for anybody contemplating or engaged in running a group of musicians at all levels. There is so much interest at the moment in choral groups following Gareth Malone and this guide helps leaders learn valuable lessons in getting the best out of their group. Great value and great advice!!
        Anonymous - ()
        This book really hit the spot for me, informing and advising on the difficult job of forming and running a musical group. Gazard manages to break the issue into logical elements which he illustrates with case studies and bullet point lists. However it is his encouraging style that hooked this reader, continually nudging you into trying things that initially feel beyond you. Strict music theory is kept to a minimum as practical advice and simple terms are used to guide the reader. The section on arranging music aims to get you going and covers a large subject efficiently. (Maybe a more detailed composing/arranging guide could provide a follow up publication?) With the current interest in choral groups, (led by TVs Gareth Malone) this book is well timed to support those keen to form such a group. MP, Brass Band Conductor, Berkshire
        Anonymous - ()