James Wright: Sparkle

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Format: Sheet Music | Classroom Musical
Rhyming script by Joy Wright. Music by James Wright. For Key Stage 1. Incorporating 8 songs. Duration: 35 mins.

Little Sparkle longs to be noticed. The other stars brag about their size and brightness and tease him. When the maker needs one of his stars to do an important job, there is great activity in the sky. All the stars set to work to make themselves as shiny as possible in order to be chosen by the maker. Despite his size, Sparkle determines to shine his brightest and best in his dark little corner. Angels inform the stars who the maker has chosen for this special assignment - that of announcing the birth of the baby Jesus. A nativity tableau is then built up and Sparkle takes centre stage as he leads the wise men to Bethlehem.

The underlying message of this story is to do our best whoever we are and that each one has a special destiny to fulfil.

Complete package including script, notation, lyric sheets and CD with and without vocals.
Published on: 18 October 2011
Language: English
Catalogue No: GOTSP

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        James Wright: Sparkle
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