Keri Degg: Takes All Sorts! (Alto Saxophone/Piano)

Books and CDs | Alto Saxophone, Piano Accompaniment

Publisher: Masquerade Music
Composer: Keri Degg
Format: Audio / Video | Backing Tracks
'Takes all sorts!' was an inspired project by the composer to capture the unique and diverse personalities of some of her students.

Graded at around grade 2 - 5 standard, the collection is great to dip into as there is in essence a piece for every mood; from Celtic reflectiveness to road rage, Honkytonk to Jazz Waltz......

As the pieces are largely pattern based, they make good learning material and many can be played with fairly minimal practice. There is also opportunity for improvisation (however a solo is provided for the wary!) and one or two fun effects along the way!
Published on: 27 October 2011
Language: English
Catalogue No: MASMM0003

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      Keri Degg: Takes All Sorts! (Alto Saxophone/Piano)
      Alto Saxophone, Piano Accompaniment