Stentor Student II Viola Outfit - 16"

Instruments | Viola

Publisher: Stentor
Format: Instruments | Instrument Pack
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This item can only be delivered to UK addresses.
Hand shaped and finished, with an Ebony fingerboard and Ebony top nut, this is an ideal full size instrument for the Viola student.

Solid, carved, spruce table
Solid, carved, maple back and ribs
Solid, carved, maple neck
Individual hand shaping and finishing
Traditional inlaid purfling
Correct neck angle
Ebony fingerboard
Correctly fitted ebony top nut
Correctly reamed peg hole taper

Good quality bridge
Alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters
Adjustable nylon tailgut
Ebony pegs
Teka pattern hardwood chin rest
Rope core strings

Traditional wedge fitting for hair
Natural, white horsehair
Good quality screw, eye and ferrule
Strong wood bow with Ebony frog

Lightweight case with burgundy red integral cover
Fitted interior with accessory pocket and two bow holders
Carrying straps
Soft velvet type lining
Music pocket covering whole lid
External shoulder rest pocket
Case blanket or bag included
Language: English
Catalogue No: STE1505Q

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