Andrew Oxspring: An Out-Of-This-World Christmas (KS2)

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Publisher: Edgy Productions
Format: Sheet Music | Classroom Musical

Christmas musical for 7-11 years (KS2).
Running time 60 minutes.

When a space craft crash-lands on a distant planet, the astronauts face the real possibility of not getting back home in time to enjoy Christmas with their loved ones! Can they convince their weird and wonderful alien hosts to give them a helping hand? Will they be able to share with them a little festive fun? And can the true message of Christmas still be understood millions of light years from Earth?

Plot summary

Following the opening song (Out Of This World) we join four mechanics making final adjustments to a super hi-tech intergalactic spaceship! They discuss the mission, the hiccups and set-backs that have delayed the launch, and wonder how the astronauts will cope being many light-years from home so close to Christmas. The mission controllers then call for the launch site to be cleared as the four astronauts enter and prepare to board. They are slightly concerned that they may not be back in time for turkey and trimmings, but are assured that the mission will run smoothly (song - Back On Earth For Christmas Day).

After a supersonic lift-off the ship speeds through the Earth's atmosphere and into deep space. Once Mission Control has informed them that they're on course, the astronauts relax and enjoy a space-walk outside, where they dance with the beautiful array of stars that light their way. (song - Starry Night)

It soon becomes clear to Mission Control and the crew that all is not well. They lose control of the ship, which hurtles towards an unknown planet! Having miraculously survived the crash-landing, the astronauts activate the on-board robots to assess the ship's damage and explore outside (dance - Robot Dance). Once they are given the all-clear the astronauts leave the ship, but soon get the feeling they are being watched! When they bump into the fearsome alien inhabitants of what they learn is the planet Zork, they're pretty sure their numbers are up! (song - Song Of The Zorkonians)

However, once the Zorkonians are satisfied that their visitors have come in peace, they welcome them, keen to find out all about them. The Astronauts explain about the crash and how, sadly, it seems unlikely they will back to Earth for Christmas. (song - The Place We Call Home)Of course, the word 'Christmas' means nothing on Zork, so it's up to the astronauts to demonstrate just what a wonderful thing it is, and why they are so desperate not to miss it! (song - Christmas Ditty). Having heard about Santa Claus, carol singing, crackers, family meals and all the ways in which Christmas is celebrated, the Zorkonians are impressed, but want to know why such celebrations happen. The astronauts go on to explain the true meaning of Christmas (Nativity tableau and song - Carol Medley).

Convinced that Christmas is something not to be missed the alien hosts agree to help. With the astronauts ship beyond repair the Zorkonians offer them Zork's one and only space craft, as a Christmas present! When asked how they can ever be repaid for their kindness, the Zorkonians request just one thing in return... to be allowed to travel back with the astronauts to enjoy Christmas on Earth! And who can blame them?

With a rousing reprise of the song 'Out Of This World' it's time to show the Zorkonians just what all the fuss is about!

ISBN: 9781905644209
Published on: 15 September 2011
Language: English
Catalogue No: EDGEP20

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