John Jacobson: Double Dreams - Living A Life Of Glee, Harmony And, Oh Yes ... Jazz Hands!


Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: John Jacobson
Format: Books | Biography
Ever since an enthusiastic student from the State of Washington posted the now famous Double Dream Hands video on You Tube, millions of people around the world have embraced it, and John Jacobson's life has never been the same – or has it? John Jacobson (aka “Double Dream Hands guy”) has spent a lifetime inspiring students of all ages, including adults, to dream and work for a world that lives and breaths in harmony. In this book, John now shares his thoughts of how that dream world might become more of a reality if we all embrace a lifestyle of honesty, courage, compassion, integrity, healthy habits and a joyful spirit. Double Dreams is a warm, fun and fuzzy read that just might move the whole world one step closer to making this double dream come true! For all ages.
ISBN: 9781458406699
Published on: 18 July 2011
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL09971608