Don't Fret: Finger Position Indicator (4/4 Cello)

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Publisher: Don't Fret
Inexpensive, mathematically designed for accuracy, and made of clear, self-adhering vinyl, it applies easily to the fingerboard.

Coloured lines arranged in a scale pattern show the students exactly where to place the fingers. It gives you a resource for teaching finger positions, scales, keys and intervals. Whatever your method, Don't Fret! helps you communicate more effectively.
Published on: 19 May 2011
Language: English
Catalogue No: DFDF110

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        9 out of 10


        YORK GB
        Helps tremendously with fingering position for the beginner.
        Confirmed purchase: 20 October 2014
        Published on: 04 November 2014
        9 out of 10


        Scotland GB
        As a beginner cellist, the Don't Fret is making a big difference to my sound, especially when it comes to extensions. My teacher recommended it, and I have mostly been very happy.

        It was shorter than I expected, but that is due to my own inexperience. This is neither good nor bad, just worth mentioning.

        It has perforated sections, so you can tear off lower positions. This is both a good and bad thing. On the plus side, it allows greater flexibility. I would have preferred no perforations, but I can understand why they are there.

        Overall, a very good product, and one that I would certainly recommend.
        It is a little tricky to fit, being a long, thin sticker. However, the backing paper is perforated, so the manufacturer has tried to make it as easy as possible.

        The perforations on the Don't Fret itself are not ideal for me (although I accept that they would be perfect for others). My problem is that I have a slight ridge at the top perforation (1st position) which my finger keeps thinking is the correct placement, so I have to make a conscious effort to remember that this is not correct. Practice will improve this, I'm sure, and it is a relatively minor problem.

        I will note that this slight ridge may well be the result of incorrect fitting on my part, as the lower perforations don't appear to have this problem. I don't know this for certain yet, as I am still only playing 1st position with a few extensions.
        Confirmed purchase: 01 September 2014
        Published on: 29 September 2014

        Musicroom Reviews

        Buy this! if you are are a newby you MUST buy this- it makes life so much easier. Once you suss out how to play properly you can whip it off. I can't stress highly enough how this little gem is great..... just buy it!
        Anonymous - (colchester, United Kingdom)
        I am a cello teacher with nearly 40 years' experience. Young cellists should learn to use their ears and not their eyes - never mind the awkward angles they will get into trying to look at their fingers! As for the instructions to move the bridge and loosen the strings - even I won't do that unless I absolutely have to. If the soundpost comes down, you are scuppered and it's a specialist job to put it right. Anyone novice enough to need stickers on their cello doesn't know enough about instruments to begin moving the bridge! My advice would be if you HAVE to, use the odd stick-on spot, but if you really need those, you would be better not learning cello in the first place. Take up an instrument where you don't need good aural skills.
        Anonymous - (Worcester)
        No more messing about with little stickers, which come off. This is a neat, easy to fit, way of marking the finger positions. It will stay in place and can be wiped clean without removing the graphics. When fitted ,it looks as if it was factory fitted.
        Anonymous - (Wakefield, United Kingdom)
        All beginners should invest in this-it makes it SO much easier to find the right note without a dozen+ stickers on it with notes on. Can't rate this highly enough
        Anonymous - (colchester, United Kingdom)