Cathrine Legardh/Sigurdur Flosason: Land & Sky


Publisher: Storyville Records
Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance
These 20 songs were created during a period  of six months - crossing the Atlantic, in cyberspace, over the phone, through travelling and even while held up by ash from an active volcano in Iceland. First lyrics, then music – each word and line carefully nurtured by tone and harmony. When we met by chance during the summer of 2009 we could never have imagined the flow of musical activity about to emerge. Exactly one year after the beginning of the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull, the album ‘Land & Sky’ is ready to be released. We hope you like it!
With love and gratitude, Cat & Siggi (March 2011)

1. Morning In May
2. Empty Glasses
3. Lost In The Woods
4. Pumpkin
5. Indifferent
6. Dancer Of The Dark
7. Courageous
8. Hills Of Denial
9. The Wind
10. Little Red Devil

1. En Bid Af Himlen
2. Lykkens Landskab
3. I Mit Hjertekammer
4. Rifter Og Sår
5. Drømmenes Dis
6. Den Endeløse Tunnel
7. Der Findes Et Sted
8. LatterLig
9. Vulkanen
10. Flyv Vel
Published on: 05 April 2013
Language: English
Catalogue No: STV1034269