Lick Library: Phil Williams' Slap Bass In 6 Weeks - Week 2

DVDs / Videos | Bass Guitar

Author: Phil Williams
Series: Lick Library
Format: Books | Instrumental Tutor

Welcome to Slap Bass In 6 Weeks. These DVDs are designed to help you achieve the motor skills and technique that are necessary to master this style of bass playing. Unlike written tuition, this style is perfect for DVD as all the examples are visual and broken down into manageable and easy to follow chunks.

If you have been frustrated or confused by other educational material covering this style, this course is for you. It reveals the hidden concepts behind one of the most exciting styles of bass playing. You will be able to map your progress week by week and focus in on the areas you feel need work, using simple and effective examples and technique builders with the slap bass in 6 weeks bass course.

This material is presented to you in easy to absorb chunks. At the end of these DVDs, you WILL be playing slap bass.


  • Introduction of pops /pulls, dead note pulls, hammer on's and pulled hammer on's.
  • Introduction of ghost notes.
  • Technique builders using 8 bar exercises.
  • The ‘Machine Gun Triplet’ explained.
Published on: 24 November 2012
Language: English
Catalogue No: RDR0364