Woodies Guitar Hanger - Standard Model (Side Strap Button/Vertical Headstock)

| Electric Guitar

Catalogue No: HANGUSTD

Hang your Guitar securely with the almost invisible Woodies Guitar Hanger! The hanger supports the Guitar by the strap buttons and has a patent pending quick-release top bracket so you can take your pride and joy down easily to play it, and clip it back quickly to display it.

The Standard model is designed for Guitars fitted with a standard side-mounted strap button and a vertical headstock, such as a Fender Stratocaster.

  • No risk of damage to the neck or body, the brackets won't touch the Guitar.
  • The Hanger can be fitted easily, to any wall or ceiling.
  • Keep your Guitar off the floor and it won’t be knocked over by the kids, the pets or the vacuum cleaner!
  • Causes no stress on neck of Guitar
  • Can be displayed at ANY angle on your wall or ceiling!
  • Is barely visible when the Guitar is off the wall
  • Is the perfect gift for any guitarist!
  • Because Woodies Hanger hangs at ALL angles there are limitless possibilities for display.

Your Guitar is never 'out of sight out of mind', under the bed or in a cupboard. If you display it, then you'll play it.

Published on: 01 January 2010
Language: English
Publisher: WIA Music

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