Ludwig Van Beethoven: Symphony No.9 Op.125 (Barenreiter Facsimile)


Publisher: Bärenreiter
Format: Sheet Music | Score
The Barenreiter Facsimile seal is used exclusively for facsimile publications that meet the highest technical and scholarly demands.

The distinguishing features include

  • A facsimile in high resolution full-colour printing, reflecting the original
  • Specially selected paper
  • Decorative binding in keeping with the historic theme
  • Individually trimmed pages, as far as the edition allows
  • A commentary by internationally renowned scholars
  • 422 + 11 pages of facsimile and approx. 15 pages introduction (English/German/Japanese) 37 x 40 cm half linen, hardback
With his ninth symphony, Beethoven ventured into new musical dimensions. The the final movement, soloists and chorus join forces with the orchestra and Schiller's "Ode To joy" becomes a global aspiration, a declaration: "Alle Menschen Werden Bruder!/All Mankind Becomes Brothers"

In his commentary the great Beethoven scholar Lewis Lockwood describes the plea with this work and how views of this have changed over the centuries. Jonathan Del Mar, a renowned editor of Beethoven's works, comments on noteworthy passages in the autograph manuscript and allows the reader to share in the composer's working process.

The history of the autograph manuscript reflects an episode in German history: after storage in various places because of the war, the major parts were returned to Berlin but were initially divided by the Berlin Wall and only reunited in 1990. In 2001 the manuscript was listed in UNESCO's Memory Of The World Register.
ISBN: 9783761821695
Published on: 29 October 2010
Language: English, German, Japanese
Catalogue No: BVK2169