Helen Marlais/Sue Althouse: Teacher's Handbook


Publisher: FJH Music Company
Format: Books | Reference
This Teacher's Handbook provides information on how to use Succeeding With The Masters & The Festival Collection together for a thorough and pedagogical approach to learning repertoire.

The pieces in Succeeding with the Masters & The Festival Collection are selected for their superior artistic and pedagogical merit.

The pieces are expertly leveled so that students can be successful at evey level of their development.

The finest pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries appear together.

Each book includes a reference guide to all of the pieces and a biography of the composers.

Both series are expertly edited because they were recorded and edited at the same time.

Each book has a corresponding performance demonstration CD to guide students with appropriate interpretation.

Succeeding with the Masters has a Practice Strategy Workshop that can be used at home for extra reinforcement!

The visual art in each book is another way to teach students artistic and musical concepts.

All of the pieces have been extensively researched to ensure authenticity.

Together, these series create the Complete Library of Pedagogical Repertoire all students need.
ISBN: 9781569398258
Published on: 01 July 2010
Language: English
Catalogue No: FJH2050