Gift Vouchers


Terms & Conditions

  • Once a Gift Voucher is purchased it can only be used on
  • It is not redeemable in our high street stores.
  • In order to redeem a Gift Voucher on Musicroom the recipient of the Gift Voucher must have a registered user account on Musicroom.
  • If they do not already have an account they will be asked to create one before they can redeem the Gift Voucher.
  • When a Gift Voucher is redeemed it will credit the Gift Voucher Balance of the customer using it.
  • This balance will be deducted from the next purchase made by the customer.
  • A Gift Voucher will only be redeemable in the currency in which it was originally bought.
  • Furthermore, any Gift Voucher Balance resulting from the redemption of a Gift Voucher will be fixed to the currency of that Gift Voucher.
  • It will only be possible to use a Gift Voucher Balance for purchases made in the same currency as that balance.
  • If a Gift Voucher Balance does not cover the entire cost of a purchase it can be put towards that purchase with the customer paying the remainder.
  • Gift Vouchers will expire one year from their purchase date, at which point they will no longer be redeemable, where permissible under applicable law.
  • Gift Voucher Balances on Musicroom will expire on the expiry date of the last redeemed Gift Voucher that contributed to that balance, at which point the balance will be cleared, where permissible under applicable law.
  • A Gift Voucher has a cash redemption value of 0.001p and is not transferable or assignable.
  • Gift Vouchers cannot be used to buy Gift Vouchers. Gift vouchers issued from cannot currently be used at the Musicroom Personalised Music Books site (