Introduction to Digital Sheet Music Digital Sheet Music
is provided by Hal Leonard, the world’s largest source for music publications. Many of the scores are available via an interactive online viewer powered by Noteflight technology that allows you to hear audio playback of the music, transpose it to any key, and even change the size of the score on the page for easy viewing. You can use the scores online, download them as PDF files, or print them out.

Here you can browse over 150,000 sheet music titles to instantly download for use on virtually any internet-connected device. Our Digital Sheet Music catalogue includes great titles across all genres, from the latest chart hits to classical favourites. You can find music for Piano, Easy Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin and many other instruments, plus a great selection for choirs of all types. Songs available include everything from Disney's Frozen II and Hamilton to classic Rock, timeless Christmas music and much, much more.

The Noteflight feature allows you to amend certain elements of the music such as tempo, playback speed and transposition – perfect for practicing your favourite music from home!

All of our Digital sheet music is available to download as a PDF on all electronic devices that are compatible with PDF files. Whether you are on iPhone or Android, Mac or PC, Musicroom gives you access to ‘Sheet Music On Demand’ in just a few clicks. Once you’ve purchased the music, you can also print the PDF file from your own home for instant access.


How do I purchase digital scores?

- Login to or if you don’t yet have an account, you’ll need to set one up to purchase Digital Sheet Music
- Note: You can see a preview of the first page of music before you add the score to your basket
- Once you’ve made payment, your score will be stored in your very own Digital Music Library, which you can return to whenever you are online.

How do I access my Digital Music Library?

- Sign in to your account to access your Digital Music Library, where you’ll see a list of all the scores you have purchased
- You can sort or search the list to find a particular score as your collection grows.

How do I download the original PDF?

All Digital Sheet Music purchases provide a publisher’s PDF of the score, with selected titles also supplied with access to the interactive Noteflight feature
- Click on the PDF icon  to download the publishers original PDF.
- Depending on your device, the PDF will either open automatically or will be saved in your download folder.
- Most modern browsers can open PDF files, but you could also use Adobe Acrobat.

How do I customise my score using the Noteflight feature?

- Click the interactive viewer icon    to load the viewer.
- You can use the toolbar options to customize the score according to your needs, for instance to change the key to suit your singing voice.
- You can hear the score playback, change the top staff (melody) instrument and transpose the score to any key.
- You can also change the note size to make the score bigger or smaller to suit your device.

To create a PDF of your customised score, click the printer icon from the toolbar.

Please note: not every interactive score comes with all of these options.

How do I print my score?

- Before printing, please ensure that your printer is turned on, connected to your device, and that you’ve loaded it with paper.
- Simply open the PDF file of the score and follow the printing instructions for your device.