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Brass Instruments & Accessories

Brass instruments & accessories - for performance, practice & maintenance jazz, classical, military - whatever your style preference we have a trumpet to help you get the sound you want. Browse our range of brass instrument accessories too, such as cleaning and instrument care products and mouthpieces and mutes to vary the sound of your chosen instrument. Browse our selections below, or see the best-sellers and new releases.
8 product(s) found in Brass Instruments & Accessories
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Item No. JMI4832
€ 741,00
Item No. ODYOTB1500
Odyssey: Premiere Bb Trombone With Case
Item No. ODYOTB1500
Odyssey Trombone
€ 362,70
Item No. JTRJTB700Q
Jupiter: Bb Trombone Lacquered Nickel Silver Slide
Item No. JTRJTB700Q
Jupiter Trombone
€ 806,00
€ 947,70
Item No. ODYOFH1700
Odyssey: Premiere Baby Bb French Horn With Case
Item No. ODYOFH1700
Odyssey French Horn
€ 432,25
Item No. ODYOTH1900
Odyssey: Premiere Eb Tenor Horn With Case
Item No. ODYOTH1900
Tenor Horn
€ 724,75
Item No. ARTE39272
Artemis Editions: Trombone Outfit
Item No. ARTE39272
Artemis Editions Trombone
€ 388,95
Item No. ODYOFG1300
€ 687,70