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Harmony Vocals: The Essential Guide~ Vocal Tutor (Voice)
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Learn to sing harmony like a pro. Harmony Vocals: The Essential Guide contains 18 real songs in a variety of styles. The CD includes 99 full demo tracks.

Peter Deneff: Jazz Hanon~ Instrumental Tutor (Piano)

The essential guide to Jazz Hanon with 50 exercises for the beginner or professional jazz pianist.

Musicians Institute: Modes For Guitar~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar)

Aspired-to by the many, but understood by the few, the art of soloing with the diatonic modes has challenged and baffled guitarists for many years.

Peter Deneff: Stride Hanon~ Study (Piano)

50 exercises for the beginning to professional pianist, exploring the complex world of early Jazz techniques that span styles of Ragtime, Boogie, Honky Tonk and Stride.

David Keif/George Lopez: Latin Bass~ Instrumental Tutor (Bass Guitar, Bass Guitar Tab)

The essential guide to Afro-Cuban and Brazilian styles for bass guitar. All aspects are covered, including mambo, cha cha cha, bolero, nanigo, songo, merengue, samba, bossa nova, baiao and partido alto.

Barrett Tagliarino: Chord-Tone Soloing~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar)
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Learn how to hit the right notes first time with an in-depth guide to approaching your solos through chordal harmony, complete with a supporting CD.

Bobby Gabriele: Chart Reading Workbook For Drummers~ Instrumental Tutor (Drums)

This private lesson covers common symbols and musical shorthand, section figures and ensemble figures, accents, set-up ideas, and embellishment, and swing, big band, and other styles.

Jazz Guitar Chord System~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar)

The essential guide to jazz chord voicings and substitutions.

Robert Calva: Texas Blues Guitar~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar Tab)

Learn to play rhythm and lead guitar in the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter and Albert Collins with this excellent Book and CD Pack.

Peter Deneff: Blues Hanon~ Instrumental Tutor (Piano)

50 exercises for the beginning to professional Blues Pianist.

Peter Deneff: Rock Hanon~ Instrumental Tutor (Piano)

Main techniques used in these studies are rapidly repeated chords, ostinato bass lines, syncopated rhythms and pentatonic riffs

Bruce Buckingham: Guitar Basics~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar)

Bruce Buckingham teaches you the necessary Guitar Basics in this Musicians Institute Private Lessons book and CD package.

Jean Marc Belkadi: Exotic Scales And Licks For Guitar~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar)

Take you soloing into entirely new worlds of creativity and harmonic depth with this complete guide to sixteen exotic scales and modes, with all the harmonic knowledge you will need.

Peter Deneff: Salsa Hanon~ Instrumental Tutor (Piano)

50 Essential Exercises for Latin Piano.

Ross Bolton: Funk Guitar - The Essential Guide~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar)

The essential guide to funk guitar for intermediate players, from Southern California's renowned Musicians Institute.

Bill LaFleur: Ultimate Guitar Technique - The Complete Guide~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar)
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From bluesy bends and crying harmonics, to dazzling multi-finger tapping and grotesque animal noises, this tutorial features a huge arsenal of techniques that will make your solos explode!

Harry Brewer/David Garfield: Pop Rock Keyboards~ Instrumental Tutor (Keyboard)
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The expert tutors of the Musicians Institute present the complete guide to the Keyboard, with everything the aspiring rock performer needs to know.

Jean Marc Belkadi: The Diminished Scale For Guitar~ Study (Guitar)

Jean Marc Belkadi reveals the secrets of using the diminished scale in over thirty lessons and sample phrases in a comprehensive guide for guitarists.

Salsa Hanon Play-Along - 50 Essential Exercises For Latin Piano~ Backing Tracks (Piano)
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Now available with a play-along CD! From the Private Lessons series, this best-selling book is intended as a sequel to Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist.

Progressive Tapping Licks~ Instrumental Tutor (Guitar)

Lessons and TAB for 75 extreme guitar tapping ideas

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