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Neil A. Kjos Piano Library

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Keith Snell: Beginning Piano Repertoire~ Backing Tracks (Piano)

A collection of progressive elementary pieces for any age student designed specifically to help students move quickly and smoothly from their first lessons to the Preparatory Level of Piano Repertoire.

Keith Snell: Beginning Piano Multi-Key Reading~ Study (Piano)

Beginning Piano Multi-Key Reading introduces elementary pianists to twelve Major five-finger positions and key signatures. These keys and positions are presented in groups of similar keyboard topography to facilitate learning and coordination.

Keith Snell: Beginning Piano Theory~ Theory (Piano)

Provides basic note reading and note naming skills, including sharps and flats. Students will also learn about intervals (seconds through sixths), triad chords, key signatures (C, F and G), meters, and eighth notes.


Keith Snell: Beginning Piano Technic - 60 Progressive Exercises~ Instrumental Tutor (Piano)

A book of exercises created to develop the skills and physical freedom needed to play elementary Piano music.

Neil A. Kjos Piano Library: Piano Repertoire - Baroque/Classical Level 6~ Instrumental Album (Piano)

Provide Your Students With A Smooth Transition From The Intermediate To Late Intermediate Level Using Essential Baroque And Classical Key- Board Literature.

Showing Results 1-10 of 10
Page 1 of 1