G. Schirmer Secular Choral Music
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G. Schirmer Secular Choral Music

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Holst: A Dirge For Two Veterans~ Vocal Score (Choral, Piano Accompaniment, TTBB)

Vocal score (with piano accompaniment) for this piece for male voices, brass and drums.

W.A. Mozart: The Alphabet (A Musical Joke)~ Vocal Score (Choral, SSA, TTBB)
Editor's Choice

For three-part chorus either of women's or men's voices a cappella.

Arr. Marshall Bartholomew: Shenandoah (SATB)~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB)
Editor's Choice

Marshall Bartholomew's arrangement of Shenandoah for full chorus of mixed voices unaccompanied.

De Animals A-Comin' (SSA Arr. William Stickles)~ Vocal Score (Choral, SSA)

Negro Spiritual arranged for SSA Choir A Cappella.

Deep River/Dig My Grave~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB)

Two Negro Spirituals arranged for SATB Choir (with divisi) by H.T. Burleigh.

Edvard Grieg: Land-Sighting (Landkennung) (TTBB)~ Vocal Score (Choral, Piano Accompaniment, TTBB)

For male voice choir and piano, edited by S.P. Warren.

Robert Winfrey: Let's Build A City~ Vocal Score (Choral, Piano Accompaniment, 2-Part Choir)

For 2-Part Chorus of Young Voices with Piano accompaniment.

In That Great Gettin' Up Morning (TTBB)~ Vocal Score (Choral, TTBB)

This is a wonderfully lively and inspiring Spiritual which has been arranged by fenno heath for TTBB Choir a cappella. This edition also provides a Piano part for rehearsal purposes.

William Schuman: Orpheus With His Lute (SSA)~ Vocal Score (Choral, Piano Accompaniment, SSA)

Arranged for SSA Choir (Upper Voices) and Piano by Mikanna Taurman in collaboration with the composer.

Thomas Morley: Sing We And Chant It~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB)

Sing We And Chant It is a delightful piece for SSATB Choir a cappella by Thomas Morley (1557-1602). A piano part is scored for rehearsal purposes only.

Cecil Effinger: Silence~ Vocal Score (Piano Accompaniment, 2-Part Choir)

A setting of the text of Elizabeth Jones for two-part chorus with Piano accompaniment. Suitable for performance by either ladies' or men's Voices.

Paul Tschesnokoff: Salvation Is Created (SATB)~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB)

For SATB choir a cappella with piano accompaniment for rehearsal only. Text by Henry White.

De Animals A-Comin' (Low Voices)~ Vocal Score (Choral, Piano Accompaniment, TTBB)

De Animals A-Comin', arranged by Bartholomew for Tenors and Basses with Piano accompaniment.

Paul Creston: Here Is Thy Footstool Op.11 (TTBB)~ Vocal Score (Choral, TTBB)

Version for TTBB Choir (men's voices) a cappella.

Johannes Brahms: Spatherbst (Late Autumn) Op.92 No.2~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB, Piano Accompaniment)

This is an evocative musical picture of the season of Autumn for SATB choir with piano accompaniment.

Virgil Thomson: Cantantes Eamus~ Vocal Score (Choral, Piano Accompaniment, TTBB)

For Men's Voices A Cappella with Piano Accompaniment. Text: P. Virgilius Maro from Ecologue IX.

G.F. Handel: Music, Spread Thy Voice Around (Solomon)~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB, Organ Accompaniment)

This chorus, for SSATB Choir with Keyboard reduction, is from the Third Act of Solomon, and is the first in a series of numbers compromising a musical entertainment devised by Solomon as a tribute to the visiting Queen of Sheba.

Virgil Thomson: Prayer To Venus~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB, Piano Accompaniment)

For SATB Choir and Piano accompaniment. The text is taken from John Fletcher's 'The Mad Lover'.

De Animals A-Comin' (SATB)~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB, Piano Accompaniment)

Version for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Choir A Cappella

Little Innocent Lamb (SATB)~ Vocal Score (Choral, SATB)

Negro spiritual collected and arranged by Marshall Bartholomew. This version for SATB Choir A Cappella.

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Showing Results 1-20 of 22
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