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Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop
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Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop

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Stefan Grossman: My Creole Belle~ Recorded Performance

This solo guitar album by Stefan Grossman was first released in 1976. This is the first time it is available on an enhanced CD. The songs recorded have either been composed or greatly influenced by Black musicians from the early 1900s.

John James: In Concert~ Recorded Performance

John James: In Concert includes a real cross section of the favourite tunes and songs from his stage repertoire over the past decade, plus a selection of newer goodies to join that company.

King Porter Stomp - The Music Of Jellyroll Morton Arranged For Fingerstyle Guitar~ Recorded Performance (Guitar Tab, Guitar)

This collection pays tribute to Jelly Roll Morton the composer, giving his melodies full respect rather than turning them into improvisational vehicles.

Duck Baker: Kid On The Mountain~ Recorded Performance (Guitar Tab, Guitar)

Duck Baker's arrangements strive to maintain not only the melodic elegance of Irish music but also its drive and passion. Considered a classic by guitar aficionados since its original issue in 1980, Kid on the Mountain remains a high point in the career of one of the most important contemporary fingerstylists.

Jazz Rock Guitar Of Mickey Baker And The Alex Sanders Funk Time Band~ Recorded Performance (Guitar Tab, Guitar)

This is, in fact, the first jazz rock guitar album that Mickey Baker has ever done. It is full of surprises and intriguing sounds from a rendition of Rachmaninoff's Prelude In C# Minor to the disco sound of Alexander's Funk Time to the 7/4 of Ouagadougou.

Dave Evans: Sad Pig Dance~ Recorded Performance (Guitar)

Re-issue of Dave Evans's 1974 album Sad Pig Dance. Although he never achieved wide renown, this album testifies to Dave's outstanding albility as a guitarist and musician.

Stefan Grossman/Ton Van Bergeyk: How To Play Ragtime Guitar~ Recorded Performance

This album was original recorded and released in 1973. This is the first time it is available in CD format. The eighteen selections played by Stefan Grossman and Ton Van Bergeyk show a wide cross-section of ragtime possibilities.

John Renbourn/Stefan Grossman: The Three Kingdoms~ Recorded Performance

This is the fourth recorded collaboration between acoustic guitarists John Renbourn and Stefan Grossman, recorded in 1987 and produced by Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones.

Stefan Grossman/John Renbourn: Under The Volcano~ Recorded Performance (Guitar)

On their duet records, John Renbourn and Stefan Grossman meet on the common turf of American blues and Celtic fiddle tunes and airs. Under The Volcano is a collection of seven duets.

Country Blues Guitar (CD)~ Recorded Performance

In this 71 minute CD, rare recordings of a young Rory Block and Stefan Grossman are featured. As well, the original landmark 1964 Elektra release of their How To Play Blues Guitar is presented.

Stefan Grossman: Aunt Molly's Murray Farm/The Gramercy Park Sheik~ Recorded Performance

This CD brings together the first two solo albums Stefan Grossman recorded and includes tab/music transcriptions for 15 of the arrangements.

Duck Baker: There's Something For Everyone In America~ Recorded Performance (Guitar)

Experience the finger picking guitar virtuosity of Duck Baker on this terrififc CD re-release! 17 tracks of Duck's unique rag-time and blues and includes a printable tab booklet as a PDF file.

School Of Ragtime: 10 Classic Rags For Guitar By Scott Joplin~ Recorded Performance

In the early 1960's guitar players from the cities started to tackle arranging classic rags onto the guitar. Prior to this period there was no recorded evidence of guitarists attempting to do this.

Masters Of The Ragtime Guitar~ Recorded Performance

This album presents four of the leading exponents of ragtime guitar. Their approach to ragtime differs, yet each one manages to capture that all important element called "feel."

Contemporary Guitar Workshop (CD)~ Recorded Performance (Guitar)

A fantasic album of jazz, folk, bluegrass and rag fingerpicking solos played by some of the finest contemporary guitarists.

Ton Van Bergeyk: Famous Fingerpicking Guitar Solos From The Golden Era Of American Pop Music~ Recorded Performance

The music on this recording represents a pinnacle in the range of fingerstyle Guitar music. It contains some of the best tracks recorded by a superb musician at the exact moment of discovering his full powers of expression.

Ton Van Bergeyk: Lulu's Back In Town - Hot Guitar Solos~ Recorded Performance

Ton Van Bergeyk is a guitarist's guitarist. That is not to say that his playing is at all over-technical or hard for non-guitarists to appreciate.

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Showing Results 1-20 of 26
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