Required Studies For Classical Guitar

Required Studies For Classical Guitar

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Media: Sheet Music, CD
Arrangement: Guitar, Classical Guitar (GTR/CGTR)
Catalogue #: AM995478
ISBN: 9780825637162


All the essential and required studies for Classical Guitar are collected here in one handsome volume for Classical Guitar students and instructors.

The studies appear on nearly every syllabus from any respected university Classical Guitar program.

Newly engraved from early editions, with centuries-old errors now corrected and with minimal editorial annotations, this clear, uncluttered, easy-to-read reference book will be used every day for a lifetime of study. A "one-stop shopping" repertoire book for every classical guitarist.

Includes selected studies by Sor (Opp. 6, 29, 31, 35, 44, 60), Giuliani (Opp. 48, 51, 139),Aguado (from his Nuevo Método para Guitarra) and Carulli (Op. 333), as well as complete editions of Carulli's 24 Preludes, op. 114; Giuliani's 120 Studies for Right-Hand Development, op. 1a; Carcassi's 25 Melodic and Progressive Études, op. 60; and Coste's 25 Études de Genre, op. 38.

Of special interest to the student is the inclusion of carefully chosen audition and recital pieces from Bach, Milán, Tárrega, and Albéniz.

Click on a song below to find all titles, including compilations, that contain it.
Adelita [Tárrega, Francisco]
Almain [Johnson, Robert]
Bianco Fiore [Negri, Cesare]
Bourrée [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Capricho Árabe [Tárrega, Francisco]
Estudio [Tárrega, Francisco]
Étude No.1 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.1 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.1 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.10 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.10 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.10 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.11 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.11 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.11 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.12 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.12 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.12 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.13 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.13 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.14 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.14 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.15 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.15 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.15 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.16 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.16 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.17 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.17 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.17 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.18 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.18 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.19 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.19 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.2 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.2 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.2 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.20 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.20 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.21 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.21 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.22 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.22 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.23 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.23 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.24 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.24 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.25 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.25 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.3 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.3 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.3 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.4 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.4 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.5 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.5 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.6 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.6 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.7 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.7 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.8 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.8 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.8 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Étude No.9 Op.38 [Coste, Napoléon]
Étude No.9 Op.51 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Étude No.9 Op.60 [Carcassi, Matteo]
Exercise No.1 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Exercise No.1 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.1 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.13 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.13 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.14 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.14 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.16 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.17 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.18 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.18 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.19 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Exercise No.19 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.2 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Exercise No.2 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.2 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.21 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.22 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.23 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.3 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.3 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.5 Op.35 [Sor, Fernando]
Exercise No.5 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.8 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Exercise No.9 Op.48 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Lágrima [Tárrega, Francisco]
Lesson No.1 Op.139 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Lesson No.1 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.13 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.14 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.15 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.15 Op.44 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.16 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.17 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.18 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.19 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Lesson No.2 Op.139 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Lesson No.2 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.20 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.20 Op.60 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.3 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.4 Op.139 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Lesson No.4 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.5 Op.139 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Lesson No.5 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.6 Op.139 [Giuliani, Mauro]
Lesson No.6 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Lesson No.9 Op.31 [Sor, Fernando]
Leyenda [Tárrega, Francisco]
Pavana I [Milán, Luis De]
Pavana II [Milán, Luis De]
Prelude [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Prelude No.1 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.10 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.11 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.12 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.13 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.14 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.15 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.16 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.17 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.18 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.19 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.2 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.20 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.21 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.22 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.23 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.24 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.3 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.4 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.5 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.6 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.7 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.8 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Prelude No.9 Op.114 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Recuerdos De La Alhambra [Tárrega, Francisco]
Saltarello [Galilei, Vicente]
Se Io M'Accorgo Be Mio D'Un Altro Amante [Anon]
Study No.1 Op.333 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Study No.1 Op.6 [Sor, Fernando]
Study No.10 Op.333 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Study No.11 Op.333 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Study No.12 Op.333 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Study No.13 Op.29 [Sor, Fernando]
Study No.13 Op.333 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Study No.15 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Study No.15 Op.333 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Study No.16 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Study No.17 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Study No.17 Op.29 [Sor, Fernando]
Study No.17 Op.333 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Study No.2 Op.6 [Sor, Fernando]
Study No.23 Op.29 [Sor, Fernando]
Study No.26 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Study No.27 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Study No.4 Op.6 [Sor, Fernando]
Study No.5 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Study No.6 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Study No.6 Op.6 [Sor, Fernando]
Study No.8 (Nuevo Método Para Guitarra) [Aguado, Dionisio]
Study No.8 Op.6 [Sor, Fernando]
Study No.9 Op.333 [Carulli, Ferdinando]
Study No.9 Op.6 [Sor, Fernando]
Vaghe Belleze Et Bionde Treccie D'Oro Vedi Che Per Ti Moro [Anon]

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helston cornwall u.k GB if they wish.
a well balanced book of collective studies especially for the student,teachers will also benefit from the choices available. the cd recording is of a good quality and performed well by the artist.
no real bad points,it would be rather nice if a second volume could be produced but more for the advanced player.
Confirmed purchase: 04 November 2013
Published on: 21 June 2014

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Rating Review
Customer Rating I have to be honest. I haven't heard of some of the composers in this book. So, the CD is quite handy. I must say, I am delighted with the purchase. The pieces in the collection are very useful for training of both left and right hands. For the easier pieces, reader should concentrate on the timbre created by the right hand.

Customer Rating You could spend a lot of moneybuying seperate books with the information contained in this one or you can buy this one. Buy this one!

Customer Rating brilliant book beautiful sounding pieces
See more reviews by yorkiefamily - (Brighton, United Kingdom)

Customer Rating Amazingly thick book filled with great guitar exercises. Great value.

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