Musicroom Leeds
Unit A15, The Light
The Headrow
Leeds LS1 8TL
Tel: 0113 2343423
Email: leeds@musicroom.com
Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday
10:00am - 6:00pm
11.00am to 5.00pm
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Expertise: Pianos, Guitar, Rap, Music Tech

What do you get if you cross an extensive knowledge of retail with a degree in Music Technology? Sam! Hard working and dedicated to the cause, Sam has been on the frontline of Musicroom Leeds for many years now, building a vast knowledge of all things musical. Sam specialises in Music Technology and pianos but also does a cracking cover of Billie Jean on the guitar.


Senior Sales Advisor

Expertise: Bass guitar, Guitar, Education, Piano

Constantly gigging and practicing, James is a seasoned professional. A graduate of Leeds College of Music, James is always looking to spread the word of music and will always greet you with a smile. James’ expertise is mainly in the rock ’n’ roll side of the store due to his bass and guitar abilities, but he has a fond love for all styles of music.


Sales Advisor

Expertise: Acoustic guitar, Woodwind, Sheet music & Accessories.

Not only is Beth an excellent dancer, but when it comes to music, the girl got ‘skilz’! She recently finished studying Music Technology at Leeds College of Music, and her next venture will take her to Back Stage Academy, where she will work towards obtaining a degree in Concert Production. As well as playing a variety of instruments, in her spare time she works as a guitar tech for a local Leeds band. She also loves Christmas and food.


Senior Sales Advisor

Expertise: Music Technology, Guitars, Obscure bands, Sandwiches


Sales Advisor

Expertise: Guitars, Accessories, Experimental music, Musical philosophy

Tom is the sunshine of the store. With his award winning smile and helpful nature, Tom provides some of the best customer service known to man. Hailing from Southport Tom has brought with him his love for psychedelic music and musical conversation. Tom’s passions include long walks on the beach, dolphins and long walks on the beach with dolphins.


Sales Advisor

Expertise: Singing, Sheet Music, Acoustic Guitars

Lyndsay’s love of music is surpassed only by her love of Taylor Swift, but don’t hold that against her, she really knows what she’s doing! Currently studying for a degree, Lyndsay is flourishing in her third year of a Popular Music course at Leeds College of Music. According to legend, Dolly Parton herself got in touch with Lyndsay to ask her advice on country music.


Sales Advisor

Expertise: Guitars, Bass guitar, Pedals, Drums

Currently in his third year at Leeds College of Music studying Music Production, Jordan also plays a range of instruments. Playing in a band based out of Leeds, some of his main influences come from Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and The Black Keys. If you hear riffs in the store, chances are Jordan’s working. He is also the first person to have ever been medically certified as ‘addicted to vocalzone’s’, stating – “If they’re good enough for Tom Jones, they’re good enough for me”.