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Welcome to your brand new free online guitar resource centre at Musicroom where you will find everything you need to start playing your guitar straight away whatever level you are at and it’s all absolutely free! The centre aims to cater for everybody with an extensive online chord and scale bank so whether you just want to learn 3 chords to your favourite songs or you are a more advanced player and want to learn some new scale patterns and refresh your knowledge then this is the place for you. There is also a free online metronome and guitar tuner which along with the chord and scale databases will be explained in more detail below. Whether you use this for a quick reference guide or for extended practice sessions this feature will be of use for all guitarists.

Free Guitar Chord finder

The free guitar chord database features 12 standard notes from C up to B with all sharps and flats in between and has 28 different variations for each note. From simple major and minor chords to the more challenging augmented and diminished chords there is something to challenge every level of guitarist. Every chord is clearly presented on screen showing you where your hands should be on the fretboard and the fingering you should use for each note is also highlighted making it very easy to get your hands in the correct position straight away. One added feature of the guitar chord database is the audio samples for each and every chord so you can hear what the chords should sound like and check your chord progress.

Free Guitar Scales finder

Another great feature of this new resource is the scale database that again uses the 12 standard notes starting from C and ending on B and focuses on 12 of the most popular scales including the more straightforward major and minor scales and then provides more tricky patterns such as the mixolydian and locrian scales. There are also 3 extra variations for each scale so the possibilities for improving your guitar technique really are there for you to take as far as you want. There are clear diagrams on screen for each pattern and on the fret board you will see root notes for each scale pattern are highlighted with green circles with all other notes within those patterns shown in red.

Free Guitar Tuner

The centre also features a free online guitar tuner making it easy to get tuned up and ready to play straight away. The online tuner is extremely simple to use and by the click of a button you will instantly hear the correct pitch of the strings you want to tune, no plugging in is required. The standard tuning for an acoustic or electric guitar is E A D G B E for those beginner guitarists visiting the centre for the first time.

Free Guitar Metronome

Another very useful resource is the free online metronome that will keep you in perfect time and is an extremely useful tool for all levels of guitarist. Whatever speed you are learning or practising at this will undoubtedly keep your playing sessions focused and will improve technique and time-keeping, progress at whatever speed you are comfortable with by adjusting the beats-per-minute at the simple click of a button.