When A Child Is Born

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Music About Christmas~ Cantata de la Sala (Piano, Voz y Guitarra)

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Sing and learn about the customs of Christmas with a collection of carefully selected and arranged songs for key stage one and two.

Andrea Bocelli: Andrea~ Songbook de Album (Piano, Voz y Guitarra)

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One of the world's most successful and popular Lyrical Tenors returns with his latest Pop release, Andrea

Fred Jay: When A Child Is Born~ Hoja Simple (Piano, Vocal & Guitar (Right-Hand Melody))

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Junior Music Kit: Zacar - When A Child Is Born~ Partes (Conjunto de Escuela, Conjunto de Cuerdas)

Each Junior Music Kit contains easily adaptable material for primary and lower school ensembles.

Mostrando resultados 1-20 de 27
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