Solitude [Ellington, Duke]

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Great Piano Solos - The Black Book~ Álbum Instrumental (Piano)
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Con 45 solos para piano, esta extraordinaria colección ofrece una selección fantástica para pianistas de nivel intermedio. Incluye ''Adagio For Strings'' (Barber), ''I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free'' y ''Raiders March''.


More Of... All The Tunes You've Ever Wanted To Play~ Songbook Variado (Piano y Guitarra)

Over 100 timeless piano melodies have been brought together in a single high-quality volume for you to play at home.


The Gig Book: Jazz~ Songbook Variado (Línea de Melodía, Texto y Acordes)

These handy books come with tough PVC covers and are an ideal size for stuffing in your gig bag. Glance inside and you'll see they're super-sized packages of hit after hit for all musicians.

The Fairer Sax: Ensemble Book 1~ Partitura y Partes (Saxofón)

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  • MarcaBoosey & Hawkes

A lively and expressive collection of popular pieces, arranged for Sax quartet by well respected trio The Fairer Sax. Score and parts for 3 Altos and 1 Tenor Sax, with optional soprano part.


The Real Vocal Book: Volume 1 (European 2nd Edition)~ Álbum Instrumental (Voz)

This up-dated second edition contains tunes that are re-arranged and re-transcribed so that you may study and play these works accurately.

Mostrando resultados 1-9 de 9
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