Don't Blame Me

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The Complete Keyboard Player: Songbook 4~ Songbook Variado (Línea de Melodía, Texto y Acordes)

Invaluable repertoire for keyboard players, 19 songs in standard notation including 'The Power Of Love', 'Getting To Know You' plus 'I Know Him So Well'.

Art Tatum Live: Volume Three 1945-1949~ Ejecución Grabada

This CD is both a textbook in piano playing and also a thriller, because what Tatum does, seems impossible. He was one of the most brilliant pianists - in any genre - who ever lived.

Art Tatum Live: Volume Eight 1955-1956~ Ejecución Grabada

The tunes on this CD have never been previously released and the music was originally recorded live on Steve Allen's Tonight Show and in clubs in New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago during the year before Tatum died.

Art Tatum Live: Volume Five 1951~ Ejecución Grabada

This live CD was recorded at the newly-opened Embers Club in New York City in 1951. Art Tatum was a true, unique genius of jazz. His lightning speed, dynamics, nuances and complex ideas on the keyboard have never been equaled.

Mostrando resultados 1-20 de 42
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