Everything [Morissette, Alanis]
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Everything [Morissette, Alanis]

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Instrumental Play-Along: Pop Hits (Trombone)~ Pistas de Acompañamiento (Tombón)

Instrumental Play-Along features fifteen great pop hits specially arranged for Trombone with play-along accompaniments on CD. All of these contemporary tunes sound just great on a Trombone, and are bound to impress your friends and family with their catchiness and expertly-crafted melodies.

Budgetbooks: 21st Century Smash Hits~ Songbook Variado (Piano, Voz y Guitarra)

Bring your repertoire into the 21st century with this special collection featuring some of the biggest songs by the best contemporary artists, all arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar.

Mostrando resultados 1-7 de 7
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