Look What You've Done [Jet]

Look What You've Done [Jet]

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Play Piano With... Keane, Coldplay, Muse And Other Great Artists!~ Pistas de Acompañamiento (Piano, Voz y Guitarra)

Authentic piano transcriptions and CD backing tracks for nine great piano-led hits.

Budgetbooks: 21st Century Smash Hits~ Songbook Variado (Piano, Voz y Guitarra)

Bring your repertoire into the 21st century with this special collection featuring some of the biggest songs by the best contemporary artists, all arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar.

101 Songs For Easy Guitar - Book 6~ Songbook Variado (Línea de Melodía, Texto y Acordes)

Another addition to the bestselling series, the fantastic Book 6 features a further 101 Songs For Easy Guitar, presented with melody line, lyrics and chords.

The Big Book Of Piano Songs~ Songbook Variado (Piano, Voz y Guitarra)

A spectacular collection of the hottest Piano songs, featuring some of the greatest performers from the twentieth century.

101 Australian Songs For Easy Guitar Volume 1~ Songbook Variado (Guitarra)

A collection of classic traditional Australian songs and popular tracks by Australian artists.

The Little Black Aussie Song Book~ Songbook Variado (Textos y Acordes)
€18.10  Lista de Artículos Deseados

This collection features 200 Australian rock classics and contemporary Australian songs, many of which have not appeared in print before! All the songs have been arranged in the original key from the actual hit recordings.

Mostrando resultados 1-8 de 8
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