All My Life [Foo Fighters]

All My Life [Foo Fighters]

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The Rock Songbook~ Songbook Variado (Acorde de Guitarra, Guitarra, Textos y Acordes)

50 classic rock songs to accompany the world-famous courses for guitar! This book contains 50 great rock songs by artists such as AC/DC, Dire Straits, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and ZZ Top.

Rockschool: Hot Rock Drums - Grade 4 (Book/Online Audio)~ Método de Instrucción (Batería)

Hot Rock Drums - Grade 4 includes eight hit songs to play in your Rockschool exam, GCSE music or just rocking out.

Rockschool Drums: Hot Rock Grade Four (Book/2CDs)~ Pistas de Acompañamiento (Batería)

The Hot Rock series is about playing the music you love. Each grade book contains 8 classic rock tracks with specially edited exam pieces and the full transcription.

The Little Black Songbook: Metal~ Songbook Variado (Textos y Acordes)

Never be at a loss with this extensive compilation of the complete lyrics and chords for over 60 metal classics!

50 Songs Nur Mit Powerchords & Full Energy~ Songbook Variado (Guitarra)

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50 Songs Nur Mit Powerchords & Full Energy contains 50 Songs that can be played with Power chords only. Timeless Rock & Pop classics arranged for Guitar by Peter Korbel.

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