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Warner Bros Classics

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Frank Gambale: Modes - No More Mystery (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

On this DVD, the legendary Frank Gambale presents a clear and easy-to-understand guide to using modes in soloing.

B.B. King: Blues Master (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

BB King Blues Master Volumes 1-3, includes warm ups and cover changes

Jaco Pastorius: Modern Electric Bass (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Bajo)

The late master demonstrates the techniques that made him the most influential electric bassist of all time.

Carter Beauford: Under The Table And Drumming (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Batería)

Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews band performs six of the bands best songs with commentary.

Frank Gambale: Chopbuilder The Ultimate Guitar Workout (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

This intense routine three times a week will increase your Guitar fitness and strengthen hands as well as increase speed.

Robben Ford: The Blues And Beyond (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

This DVD reveals Robben's advanced concepts for improvisation and comping.

John Scofield: Jazz Funk Guitar (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

Not one, but two masterclasses with one of the greatest Jazz guitarists in the world!

Albert Lee: Country Legend (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

Demonstrates a range of guitar styles. Includes live performance footage.

Frank Gambale: Monster Licks And Speed Picking (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

This DVD details Frank Gambale's innovative speed/sweep picking technique while presenting a method for developing his trademark monster licks.

Al Di Meola (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

On this exceptional DVD, Guitar legend Al Di Meola shares the techniques and concepts that have made him one of the world's most respected and influential guitarists.

Giovanni Hidalgo: Conga Virtuoso (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Tambores Del Mundo, Congas)

Una clase magistral privada de conga. Sólo para ti.

Buddy Rich: Jazz Legend (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Batería)

DVD of legendary drummer Buddy Rich, featuring rare footage in bands, solo and in duo with Gene Krupa.

The Definitive Steve Morse (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

Discover the unique style of this legend of the Rockbilly-inspired rock guitar.

Gene Krupa: Jazz Legend (DVD)~ Biografía (Batería)

This historic DVD focuses on the man who made the drums a solo instrument.

Albert Collins (DVD)~ Método de Instrucción (Guitarra)

Meet one of the true legends of the Blues, and learn the secrets to his ice-cool guitar style.

Mostrando resultados 1-15 de 15
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