Unlocking The Masters
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Unlocking The Masters

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David Hurwitz: Exploring Haydn - A Listener's Guide To Music's Boldest Innovator~ Biografía

No composer has ever achieved the amazing artistic progression that Haydn has. He invented the string quartet as we know it, became known as 'the Father of the Symphony', and mentored the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

David Hurwitz: Sibelius - The Orchestral Works~ Biografía

David Hurwitz considers more than eighty of Sibelius's orchestral pieces, from choruses to symphonies inviting readers to enjoy the fascinating mix of elements that make up Sibelius's colourful personal idiom.

David Hurwitz: Getting The Most Out Of Mozart - The Vocal Works~ Biografía

Unlocking the Masters Series, No. 4. Mozart was the first composer whose operas have never left the international repertoire, and for many he remains one of the finest vocal composers who ever lived.

David Hurwitz: Getting The Most Out Of Mozart - The Instrumental Works~ Biografía

In this book, the first of two, David Hurwitz guides the reader/listener through the master's chamber and orchestral music, a body of work unique in style, expressive range, emotional depth, formal perfection, and sheer beauty.

Victor Lederer: Bach's Keyboard Music - A Listener's Guide~ Biografía

This listener's guide to Bach's music provides the interested amateur with a close but non-technical look at the master's works for Keyboard instruments. A full length CD is included.

Gordon Jones: Bach's Choral Music - A Listener's Guide~ Referencia (Coral)

J.S. Bach: A Listener's Guide to His Choral Music introduces the general listener to a genre of music that is mistakenly supposed to be "difficult."

Mark Ringer: Franz Schubert's Theatre Of Song - A Listener's Guide (Book/CD)~ Biografía

Ringer sheds new perspectives on Schubert's songs, focusing on their incomparable dramatic power, which often exceeds that of many a full-fledged opera.

David Hurwitz: Shostakovich Symphonies And Concertos - An Owner's Manual~ Biografía

In Shostakovich Symphonies and Concertos acclaimed author David Hurwitz describes the musical elements of that language: what it sounds like, how it works expressively, as opposed to providing a mere technical analysis.

David Hurwitz: The Mahler Symphonies - An Owner's Manual~ Biografía

This book is the first discussion of Mahler's ten completed symphonies to offer music lovers a comprehensive overview of the music as it strikes today's listeners.

John Bell Young: Schubert - A Survey Of His Symphonic, Piano And Chamber Music~ Biografía

In this survey of Franz Schubert's instrumental music, John Bell Young explores some of the richest and most memorable music ever written.

John Bell Young: Liszt - A Listener's Guide~ Biografía

Franz Liszt is widely viewed today not only as a great composer, but also as the greatest pianist of the 19th century.

Mark Ringer: Opera's First Master - The Musical Dramas Of Claudio Monteverdi~ Biografía

Often hailed as the creator of modern opera, Claudio Monteverdi was the first great opera composer, his genius likened to that of Mozart, Wagner, and Verdi.

David Hurwitz: Dvorak - Romantic Music's Most Versatile Genius~ Álbum Instrumental

The music of Antonin Dvorak defies fashion. He is one of the few composers whose works entered the international mainstream during his lifetime, and some of them have remained there ever since.

Daniel Felsenfeld: Tchaikovsky - A Listener's Guide~ Biografía

Tchaikovsky was a composer of sublime music, an accomplished fabulist and fantasist whose work was rooted in personal torment.

Unlocking The Masters Deluxe Set~ Biografía

The big three - Bach, Beethoven and Brahms - all together in one deluxe set! Each volume presents an in-depth exploration of the composer's world of musical intimacies in an easy-to-read, nuts-and-bolts manner.

Victor Lederer: Beethoven's Chamber Music - A Listener's Guide~ Biografía

Ludwig van Beethoven's chamber works are some of his most revered compositions. Victor Lederer guides the serious nonprofessional listener through this oeuvre in his new book Beethoven's Chamber Music: A Listener's Guide.

M. Owen Lee: The Great Instrumental Works~ Historia

This delightful book is for anyone who enjoys any of the lively arts of opera, drama, film, literature, or popular song and who wants to find out what is really going on in some of the great instrumental works.

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